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The recirculation pump is found on the remaining rear with the washing device mounted directly to the outer washtub with a few 5/sixteen″ hex-head screws. Like all washing devices it is vital to check your pockets for loose change and set scaled-down things like toddler socks and lingerie into a mesh laundry bag to keep them from acquiring their way into the washer’s recirculation pump or drain pump.

To entry the drive system you need to initially eliminate the agitator and tub nut beneath the washer agitator.

Try manually turning the washer’s internal drum and pay attention for anything at all Which might be caught involving the washer’s inner and outer tubs.

Therefore the dispenser motor which directs fill water to the appropriate dispenser area, will not be transferring adequately. take the prime off and operate the Duet Washer Swift Diagnostic Exam, C03 checks the Duet washer’s dispensing procedure.

The log valve assembly is made of an inlet valve with hot and cold water valves and solenoids for incoming h2o source and four (4) outlet valves to the water to exit the valve body.

The washer tub is obviously meant to have your outfits and the wash water. Not several complications happen Using these washer components aside from injury which will trigger a leak.

In the course of the Drain Manner, the pump motor turns clockwise (as seen from beneath the washer). This results in the drinking water pump to attract the drinking water within the tub through the recirculation port, forcing the drain Look at ball to seal the drain sump port and drive the h2o with the drain hose.

A Door Lock Mistake occurs In the event the doorway can't be locked. It will eventually seek to lock it 6 times right before displaying the mistake.

When you push in your auto, you're safer many thanks partly to loads of function through the years by this little but incredibly helpful buyer advocacy team.

Observe: to activate the spin the lid need to be shut and also the lid lock engaged. See Lid Change Checks. In the event the lid just isn't closed or locked an invalid key beep will audio. Also the tub needs to be floating for this check to operate properly.

1. Verify the washer’s drinking water valves are closing every one of the way and h2o just isn't filling to the tub when it shouldn’t be. If drinking water is gradually filling the tub even though the washer is Auto Shop unplugged you have to exchange the washer fill valves.

Your Duet washer has detected that it is full of soap suds which happen to be tricky to drain. Or maybe your Duet washer would like a beer… This can be because of utilizing non HE washer detergent, using an excessive amount cleaning soap, or probably a drain pump or tension sensing trouble.

This is the bad a person… Duet washer most important Manage mistake. Test unplugging the washer for just a minute and putting the washer through a swift diagnostic exam and find out Whatever you get… In some instances this can reset the Command and purchase you some time.

The commonest explanation for a Duet washer leaking can be a hole inside the washers door boot / bellows. Nonetheless, a leak can come from most of the washer’s sections. one of the best ways will be to slim your trouble down… could it be leaking all the time, regardless if the washer is off?

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